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    VW and AUDI 7 speed DSG Clutch Installer & RemoverTool This tool is used to repair of the clutch unit as well as disassembly and assembly of the clutch housing. The special design installs and removes the clutch of gearbox.

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    A set of tools for fitting camshafts into cylinder heads during head rebuilds for VW VAG models and Porsche with diesel engines. Application: Volkswagen Tiguan 2008< Jetta 2006< Touareg 2003< Phaeton 2003< Audi A4 2001< A6 2005< A8 2003< With Common Rail Diesel engines: 4 cyl diesel 2.0i 6 cyl TD 8 cyl TDi 2.7i, 3.0i, 4.0i 4 valve...

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    Timing tool set for use on Audi A3 from 2013 VW Golf VII from 2012 Jetta from 2012 Other models covered: VW Up: 1.0 / 1.0 Bluemotion technology / 1.0 Ecofuel Engine Codes: CHYA, CHYB, CPGA 1.2/.1.4 TSI Engine: 3 & 4 Cylinder 1.2 TFSI: CJZA,CJZB 1.4 TFSI: CMBA, CXSA, CHPA 1.4 TGI: CPWA 1.4 TSI Multi Fuel CPVA 1.4 Hybrid CRJA OEM: T10172,T10340,...

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  • R 534 In Stock

    VAG Timing belt tools. Set contains 3 specialised pin wrenches and pins to access the timing belt tensioners fitted to a wide range of VAG petrol and diesel engines that are required to access the timing belt tensioners fitted to a wide range of VAG petrol and diesel engines.

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  • R 1,057 In Stock

    Timing Tool Locking Set for VAG AUDI VW SEAT SKODA - 1.6 & 2.0 TDI Common Rail Diesel Engines Main Vehicle Applications: VW: Golf SV / Sportsvan, Golf VII, Golf VII Estate, Golf VII Wagon, Polo AUDI: A3 Cabrio, A3 Saloon, A3 Sedan, A3/A3 Sportback, A4, A4 allroad, A4 quattro,A5 Coupe/Cabriolet, A5 Sportback, A6, Q5,TT SEAT: Leon, Leon ST SKODA:...

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    Fits a wide range of VAG group 1.8 & 2.0 petrol engines. Includes essential tooling required to remove the camshaft adjuster valves and a useful crankshaft pulley holding tool. Some applications and repair operations will require additional tooling. OEM Tools:T10355, T10368, T10352, T10352/1, T20208, T40011, T40267 Application: AUDI SEAT SKODA VW

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  • R 1,676 In Stock

    VW & Audi Engine Timing Tool Set For use on petrol and diesel engines to set the correct timing when replacing the timing belt

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  • R 228 In Stock

    Diesel engine timing tool set. Sets the timing of diesel engines. Suitable for use on Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW vehicles. Engine Models: 3 Cylinders 1.2D / 1.4D TDI PD Diesel Engines 4 Cylinders 1.6D / 1.9D / 2.0D TDI PD Diesel Engines Engine Codes: 1.2D - ANY 1.9D - ASZ, AJM, ARL, ATD, AVD, AVB 1.4D - AMF, BMS, BNM, BNV, BWB. AVF, AWX, BHC, BKC, BKE,...

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    Use for correct the camshaft and crankshaft timing position. Four-cylinder EA888 petrols: 1.8 R4 16v TSI/TFSI 2.0 R4 16v TSI/TFSI Applications:2006 to 2013 VAG series TSI, TFSI EA888 engine(1.8L, 2.0L). Engine Code:BYT, BZB, CABA, CABB, CABD, CADA, CAEA, CAEB, CAWA, CAWB, CBFA, CCTA, CCZA, CCZB, CCZC, CDAA, CDAB, CDHA, CDHB, CDNB, CDNC, CDND, CESA, CETA,...

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    Specially designed to remove the load from plungers of the mechatronic unit  when you insert the tool between clutch lever and gear housing. Applicable to: Audi / VW 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.

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