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Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit - Universal - 18 Piece


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The Brake Caliper Wind Back Kit is an 18-piece set designed for efficiently resetting brake pistons, particularly during brake pad replacement.

This universal kit is suitable for brake calipers at both the rear and front axles, accommodating models with or without a handbrake function.

Please note that it is not compatible with vehicles featuring an electric handbrake.


1. Versatile Compatibility

    Suitable for brake calipers at rear & front axle.
    Compatible with models with & without handbrake function. (Not suitable for electric handbrakes)

2. Universal Applicability

    Suitable for most vehicle models, ensuring broad usage across different makes and models.

3. Manual Brake Piston Reset

    Allows for the manual reset of brake pistons, essential during brake pad replacement.

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